1. Financial analysis on the current state of the company – gain, levels of liquidity, profitability

2. Investment analysis, assessment of the value and potential of the acquired assets

3. Analyses of individual activities and organization to optimize the enterprise

4. Financial and strategic planning

5. Marketing analysis

6. Investigation of the most suitable bank and credit product in need of credit

7. Credit justifications and preparing the documents for obtaining a bank loan

8. Preparation of business - plan, estimated cash flow, financial analysis of the borrower company

9. Preparation of the necessary documents to obtain credit

10. Evaluation of the competitiveness of the company activities

11. Overall assessment of costs and revenues

12. Financial forecasting the expected return on the company activities

13. Preparing cash flow projections, analysis and control in order to overcome any problems

14. Analysis of the competitiveness of enterprises

15. Assessment of possibilities for attracting equity and loan capital, analysis of profitability on equity capital

16. Management planning and more.